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WellMed is dedicated to helping people with Medicare be well by building strong doctor-patient relationships; but we also provide opportunities to help financially. Our services are available for all individuals with Medicare. At no cost to you, our WellMed team can help you apply for cost-saving programs today.

We have a dedicated team of individuals who help people with Medicare with the application process for several cost savings programs such as the Extra Help* program which helps with prescription costs or the Medicare Savings Programs which helps with deductible and portions of coinsurances.

If you would like help in applying for any cost savings programs, call WellMed at 1-800-295-3315 today. We can help!

Medicare Savings Programs

This state run program helps you pay for your monthly Medicare Part Premium, currently $134.00. That's a savings of $1,608.00 each year!

Extra Help* Program

This Medicare program helps you pay for prescription drug co-pays and deductibles. You could save up to $4,000.00 if you qualify.

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