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I'm Turning 65

If you are turning 65, you qualify for an SEP. A person turning 65 has seven months to enroll into Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage health plan. The qualifying period starts three months before your birth month until three months after your birthday month.

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I Have Moved

People who have moved and need to change their health insurance have a limited amount of time to enroll into a new health plan. The qualifying period starts one month prior to move until two months after move.

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I Have a Chronic Condition

If you suffer from a chronic condition, you may qualify for an SEP. You can join a Medicare Chronic Special Needs Plan anytime.

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I Changed My Insurance

If you lost coverage from your employer, you may join a Medicare Advantage Plan for up to two full months after the month your coverage ends.

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I Qualify for Medicare and Medicaid

If you qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid, you can join, switch or drop your current plan at anytime. You may select a new Medicare Advantage Plan of your choice based on your health needs.

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I Want to Keep My Insurance but Change My Doctor

Changing to a WellMed provider that accepts your insurance plan is simple. Call the number on the back of your insurance card and request a provider change. The insurance company will make the change in your records, notify the new provider and send you a new insurance card.

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I Would Like to Learn More About WellMed

To learn more about WellMed and the services we provide, please visit (Opens in new window) for more information.

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Insurances we Accept

Providers in the WellMed network accept Original Medicare and select Medicare Advantage Plans.

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